Volt Metro LS Commuter E-bike


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Product Description

The little brother of the ever-popular Metro, the Metro LS low-step folding e-bike has a new look. We have redesigned the shape with a low sweeping frame and a cream and brown colour scheme. With its curved and slightly smaller frame, getting on and off the LS is more convenient and accessible, making it an ideal choice for the smaller rider.

The latest version of the Metro LS benefits from improved components and all new smart frame design. This latest version of the Metro LS is sleek but classic. LS, which stands for “low step” was originally modelled on the very popular Metro and was designed to cater for the smaller rider or customers who want the easy access step through frame. aside from the difference in shape and frame height the LS has the same specifications and folds in exactly the same way as the metro

To power the cycle there is now a 250W continuous spin motor by SpinTech and SpinTech Panasonic lithium battery capable of distances in excess of forty miles (depending on riding environment and levels of pedal assist). The motor resides in the rear hub and is managed by our sophisticated V-Wave drive technology. V-Wave ensures a smooth and enjoyable riding experience by managing the torque-to-speed ratio. With five different pedal assist levels riders can effortlessly accelerate to the motor’s top speed of 15.5mph. The pedal assistance level can be easily set using the intuitive and ergonomically designed LCD computer located on the handle bar.

Essentially, the Metro LS offers a convenient, easy to ride, foldable e-bike. It is one of the smallest and most compact electric bikes available, making it perfect to store in small places, use for commuting or take with you on holiday or a weekend away. The LS comes with a 2 Year full peace of mind warranty. There is also the option to buy a cover carry-case which keeps the folded cycle neat and tidy when stowed away.


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